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Drops is a young and dynamic company, which offers an approach different from other umbrella manufacturers on the market.

The main ingredients of Drops approach are service and full customer satisfaction, up to date product with an excellent price-quality balance, on time delivery and impeccable assistance before and after the purchase.

Our headquarters, located near to Tangenziale Ovest di Milano and metro Green Line, Abbiategrasso stop, are easy to reach. Here, in a cosy facility in Pieve Emanuele we create and develop the collections for the most important world brands, implement stylistic input of licensors, as well as carry out and coordinate commercial activity in Italy and abroad.

The major production hub is located in Far East in a cutting edge facility, coordinated daily by Italian staff. Here the most sophisticated technical and stylistic solutions are being brought to life using innovative technologies which help reach a delicate Creativity vs Commercial balance, key to a successful product.

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